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This type of hemodialysis takes place in your home. You then perform the procedure yourself your own schedule.

There are three types of Home hemodialysis including:

1.Conventional Home Hemodialysis: You perform conventional home hemodialysis three a week. Each session lasts at least three to four hours.
2.Short daily Home Hemodialysis : Short daily home hemodialysis uses new technology that allow for shorter procedures. You perform the procedures five seven days a week . each session lasts around three hours.
3.Nocturnal (overnight) home Hemodialysis : This type of hemodialysis takes Patients at Night while you’re asleep . You Perform the procedure four to six days a week each session lasts between six and right hours . This type of hemodialysis removes more waste from your blood because you spend more hour each week on dialysis than the other types.

Benefitts Of Home Dialysis

The quality of life for patients undergoing dialysis treatments can often seem compromised due to regular trips to dialysis centers and an increased strain on their personal lives. Leisure time and simply feeling well enough to keep up with day-to-day responsibilities may seem to be things of the past. Families and friends of dialysis patients also often express dismay at the extra expenses and time-consuming center visits.

  • Flexible Scheduale
  • No Need travel to the hospital
  • Less limited Diet
  • More Flexible fluid intake
  • Easier to travel
  • More Comfortable
  • More control
  • Helps in controlling blood pressure

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